facebook domain verification tips

Facebook domain verification for social media automation

In a bid to protect the authenticity of content Facebook has introduced facebook domain verification. Here are some facebook domain verification tips to help you get started. Website owners can choose to verify their domains in Facebook Manager in order to have link editing access. Owners who do not verify their domains will not be able to edit the links for their website when sharing them on Facebook. Previously owners could edit images or overwrite the metadata pulled from their websites.

Marketers who use Hootsuite, Buffer or another posting app will find that their link editing powers disappear when sharing on Facebook unless they verify their domain ownership in Facebook Business Manager. 

The Facebook domain verification process is fairly straightforward but your Facebook page must be held in Facebook Business Manager and not simply attached to your personal Facebook account. You can still use Open Graph tags to inform facebook which images you would like to share however control through Business manager is their preferred route to domain verification and is easier to implement.

To verify your domain in Facebook:

  1. Ensure your page is in Facebook Business Manager
  2. Go to Business Settings
  3. Click on domains
  4. Add your domain
  5. Download an HTML file
  6. Upload the HTML file to your sites root directory
  7. Confirm

That’s it –  all done! Happy link editing



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