Instagram – what works

Instagram can work wonders for businesses in raising brand awareness when used as part of a cross channel marketing tool. If your business has beautiful products then Instagram provides a great platform to showcase them.

Using popular hashtags is of course important but research from Curalate a visual analytics and marketing company showed that there were six features that made an image more likeable. You can find their research here. Pixle Perfect blog post by Curalate

The research showed that users prefer images with texture, white space and muted tones.

In brief it showed that:

  • Images with high lightness received 24% more likes
  • Images with high background space got 29% more likes
  • Images which had blue as a dominant colour performed 29% than images where red was the predominant colour
  • Images with a single dominant colour performed 17% better than with multiple dominant colours
  • Images with low saturation performed 18% than with high saturation
  • Finally images with high levels of texture performed 79% (!!!) better than images with no texture