Lady Hamilton

New branding for The Lady Hamilton, Portsmouth

The Lady Hamilton in Portsmouth is famed for its fabulous roast dinners.

It is now under new ownership and the the new owners are bringing back their traditional roast that has been loved by so many. They approached us to design a new brand for the pub and Bed and Breakfast in keeping with their traditional colours of red and yellow.

We wanted to give a nod to the heritage and history of the pub which first opened as a pub, The Nags Head in 1716 and we wanted to find out more about The Lady Hamilton herself. We started by asking the owners Lim and Tring:

When did you buy The Lady Hamilton?

We bought it in 2014  Bill & Rose who were retiring.  We refurbished the pub and now hope to once again continue to serve you one of “the best roasts in town” especially as we now have many of the former staff back in the kitchen!”

What drinks do you serve the most?

“The Lady Hamilton’s bar is stocked with premium beer, ciders and two guest ales”

The Lady Hamilton herself was Nelsons lover, a powerful woman who was known to be a force of nature, she was married to Sir WIlliam Hamilton who was twice her age and a muse to the painter George Romney – you can find out more about her rollercoaster lifestyle on wikipedia 



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