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Get ahead of the Competition – social media marketing

If you want a no nonsense Social Media Marketing strategy that works for your business, then we can help. We can also design and deliver a ‘one-off’ digital campaign on your behalf from as little as £275.


However, many clients are new entries to social media and would like help to either get them started on the right foot or indeed to have us ‘on the ‘team’ managing their profile and marketing in a sure-footed way through online channels.

It is not a case of “one size fits all” but we have included some rates below based upon our current clients needs to give you an idea of the fees. Our fees are based on our time and these do relate to some extent to the size of the organisation and the associated volume of work involved.

Package one – Social Media Assistant

Why struggle to learn a new skill that you’ll only need once?

Why not let us create branded social media accounts on your behalf and then get you started on them and set them up to run themselves.

We can run them for the first three months and you then have the option of taking over the running of them or leaving it in our capable hands.

Fees from £500 per month for three months.

Package two – Social Media Sorted

Creation of branded Twitter, Facebook and Hoot suite accounts, Twellow listing and following of key accounts.

We will schedule twice weekly status updates, tweets and write and illustrate a monthly blog post for you aimed at your target markets and priorities  – leaving you free to focus on your business.

Fees from £400 per month for 6 months contract

Package Three – Social Media Manager

Social Media Sorted Package – with this package we will:

  • Create, monitor and manage a branded Facebook account
  • Create, monitor and manage a branded Twitter account
  • Create, monitor and manage a Hootsuite account
  • Create, monitor and manage a Twellow listing
  • Follow 100 key accounts on Twitter on your behalf per month.
  • Design and agree corporate messages
  • Create and agree set responses to FAQ.
  • Schedule daily status updates
  • Schedule daily tweets
  • Create a corporate blog or an article submission service
  • Write weekly blog posts or article submissions for you that are relevant to young people.
  • Create safe usage policy and procedures and creating process maps if required
  • Monitor and respond to social media communities

Fees from £800 per month

Contact us on 07823443849 or 02392 000 709 to see how you could expand your customer base and drive sales.

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