Top tips for LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn for business (or even if you don’t) here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:

  1. Know your audience so you know who you want to connect with and why
  2. Use the LinkedIn search– check out the search function – even free accounts can use search to find the right people to build relationships with, you can search by geography, company or even role – great if you know who you are looking for (see #1)
  3. ‘Find nearby’ function – use the genius ‘find nearby’ function. Jane Barry of Liberty HR told me about this it is awesome.  If you are on your phone go to the ‘my connections’ section and then press the blue + button and choose to find nearby to see who else is in the room or at the conference! Also brilliant when you have forgotten someone’s name!
  4. Be generous share other content if your audience will like it and help others out whenever you can
  5. Keywords – use keywords in your profile tell people what you can do to help them
  6. Publish articles and updates that position you as an expert in your field
  7. Ask for recommendations – if you’ve had a great meeting or finished a project on a  high use the ‘ask for a recommendation function and get that praise while it’s hot
  8. Make your profile attractive, use great professional photography not your wedding photo or holiday snaps.
  9. Showcase – use your profile header to showcase what you do.





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