web deisgn for nesbits auctions southsea

Web design for Nesbits Auctions, Southsea

Our web design for Nesbits Auctions, Southsea incorporates the yellow and grey colour combination of their branding. In web design the use of colour is really important. Yellow is a no-no for text in web design as the contrast is not strong enough for people to be able to read it clearly but we love the splashes of yellow throughout the website to pull together their brand and keep the look consistent. The grey is a good contrast colour for the white and offsets the yellow really well, it is so important that people can read the words on websites and with 8% of men suffering from colour blindness, choosing your colours well is vital. Coincidentally red-green colour blindness is the most common which is why, according to The New Yorker, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg chose blue for Facebooks’ primary and indeed the only brand colour.

The Nesbits Auctions team, who are based in Southsea town centre, have created some useful content in the form of some buying guides and information about how to bid at an auction. Content is really important for SEO so we have tried to keep it on topic for each area of the website with a buying and selling section. Although my husband bought our first house at an auction, many years ago, I must admit I was a bit clueless about the whole process. While we know lots about web design we don’t know much about auction houses so the whole experience was enlightening. But if you like a bit of ‘Cash in the Attic’ then you probably know a bit more about actions and collectables. Reading through their content I realised that auctions sound like a lot of fun.


Visit Nesbit’s website www.nesbitsauctions.co.uk

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