Web design for Portsmouth Aqua

Web design for Portsmouth Aqua

We have just completed this web design for Portsmouth Aqua. The team of engineers at Portsmouth Aqua have created some fantastic modular units to bring clean water to places all around Europe where previously only contaminated or dirty water was available.

They have installed units in hospitals and factories which has greatly helped those who work and are treated there. It has been such an interesting project to work on, learning more about water treatment and the environments where this is so vital, in order to be able to communicate the key messages clearly to their target market.

As part of the web design for Portsmouth Aqua, we created a custom pre-loader alongside an animated explainer video and animated web banner to illustrate the innovative water treatment process to potential customers. We also made use of image masking through the site to reinforce the branding through a  water droplet-shaped graphic mask. The web design was inspired by the concept of clean water and the explainer video aims to tell customers how the system works in the most simple and easy too access format.

We would like to wish the committed team all the very best with their life-changing project.

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