Website Management – Hosting and Maintenance

Do you need help with website management? Do you know your hosting from your maintenance? Does your website need a little TLC? 

We know you are busy doing your job and so you won’t always have the time or expertise to take the best care of your digital presence. Our website management packages offer you as much or as a little support as you need.

What does your website say about your business? If your website is slow or filled with broken links it won’t give a good impression of your business. At Morph we have over ten years experience of taking care of beautiful websites often ones we have created for clients but sometimes ones built by others and just need a bit of looking after. 

Website Hosting

Think of web hosting as a filing cabinet in the sky where all your website files are kept. When someone clicks on your URL they will see these files. This filing space costs money and this is the basis of web hosting. At Morph, we only offer web hosting on fast, highly secure UK servers.

Website Maintenance

A website will start to go out of date the minute it is built. Web technologies move on all the time and software needs to be updated as new vulnerabilities are exposed. Many open source systems such as WordPress or Joomla release new updates every month and it’s important to implement these updates to keep your website secure. The same applies to any third party software used on your site. It is important to keep these upgraded to the latest versions as bug fixes and security patches are released. In addition, changes in web technologies or initiatives by Google and other search engines will have a knock-on impact on the performance of your site and proactive maintenance will help to ensure that the site addresses these developments in a timely way.

Website Security

Keeping your website secure is really important otherwise it can be hacked or infected with MalWare which can then cause issues for your users – not a good look as a business, as I am sure you will agree. No website can be guaranteed 100% secure however there are lots of things you can do to help to keep a website as secure as possible. For example, making sure that secure passwords are used, numbers of administrators are kept to a minimum, software routinely updated and security patches applied as necessary. 

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have become commonplace in the last year with Google penalising sites that don’t use them. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and they ensure an encrypted connection between the website and the site visitor’s browser. This is essential for sites that take payments or have contact forms on them that collects personal data. It is good practice to have at least a basic SSL certificate on your website. You can tell if you have one because there will be a green padlock to the left of your URL if you do.

Website Management

If you’d like to be able to add content quickly and easily to your website all of the sites we design and build have easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) however we recognise that a lot of business owners are simply to busy to do this themselves and so they outsource this website management to us, leaving updates and SEO to us.